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When A Death Occurs...

What to do when a loved one dies.
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Holy Hope Cemetery - South Entrance

Holy Hope Cemetery has been serving the Tucson community since 1907.  With over 55 acres, there is a history and rich tradition evident to all visitors.  Holy Hope Cemetery offers consecrated ground, for our Catholic community. Come in today to see how we may serve your needs.


Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

All Faiths Cemetery has been serving the Tucson community since 1980.  All Faiths has 95 acres peacefully set and designed to reach out to people of all faiths. Come in today to see the unique possibilities waiting for you.

Open Space
Altar of St. Thomas

Advance Planning is a way to have everything in place for your family when you are gone.  This advanced preparation affords you the opportunity to make the choices you want.

Future Developments

We are constantly entertaining new ideas to make our cemeteries the best in Tucson.  Our staff takes those ideas and works with professionals in the industry to make those ideas a reality. 


The Sacred traditions of our Catholic Cemeteries allow us to celebrate in life and in death our faith. This faith can be expressed spiritually and in a visual setting that comforts one's soul. Holy Hope Cemetery is built upon these foundations. Though we are celebrating only our first 100 years we are looking forward and preparing a path that will take us into the next 100 years. The past memorializes the loved ones who shared our faith and reminds us of the resurrection to come and the future of Holy Hope can be that legacy of those yet to walk our grounds and sit in prayerful meditation. With the leadership of Bishop Kicanas and the dedication of a determined staff we will fulfill our Mission “To Minister to our Families in their time of need...”

Our cemeteries offer many unique ways to celebrate your life and that of your loved one.  We invite you to come to one of our offices for a tour of the grounds and view the abundant possibilities for burial and memorialization.

Burial Traditions

The Catholic faith believes all life is precious, always to be treated with dignity.  From the earliest days of Christianity, the Catholic community has reverently laid a loved one to rest in sacred ground, entrusting that person to the Lord until the Resurrection of the Dead. 

Cremation Traditions

Since the 1960’s, the Catholic Church has allowed cremation as long as the cremated remains are held in a sacred place rather than to be put on the mantle or scattered.  Call or visit our cemeteries to view the many options for both caskets and cremated remains.


As you ponder on the design process and creating a memorial for yourself or your loved one, remember it will be one part of the story that will remain forever.  We are here to help you create a remembrance for eternity.